Our Bread & Sandwich

Our sandwiches are freshly prepared and made in our stores with highly selected premium ingredients. They are made from our famous sandwich bread recipes like multi-grain bread, ciabatta, bagel, panini, sourdough rye bread and much more.

Food & Beverage

Our famous croissants are made with imported premium butter. The pastry laminated dough is delicately handcrafted with highly skilled pastry chef for 48 hours slow process in order to achieve the best quality of pastries.

Frozen Product

At Zurich Bread, Un-Fermented Frozen Dough Solution (UFF) makes our client’s life easier. Bringing most convenience for in-store cafes, restaurants, and hotels while obtaining the best and freshest pastry and bread product baked in your places. However, it still requires thawing, proofing, and baking at Point of Sale.